FY6 Shima City Inbound Welcome Project Subsidy

With the aim of promoting the development of a residential tourism area based in Shima City and increasing travel spending, subsidies will be provided within the budget to travel agencies that plan and arrange trips that meet certain conditions. To do.

○Target period
May 2024, 5 (Wednesday) - February 1, 2025 (Friday) Performance report/invoice received (within budget)
*For reservations planned and arranged after April 2024, 4, existing reservations made before the applicable period are not eligible.
*The target period may change depending on the implementation situation.

○Supported projects
1. Target project conditions
A trip planned and arranged for inbound tourists, with 10 or more foreign tourists visiting Japan staying for 2 nights or more in Shima City *Applicable to recruitment-type organized tours or made-to-order planned trips that depart from and arrive at locations outside of Japan.

2. Subsidy amount
1 yen per person per night for travel under the subsidy program

3. Maximum amount
1 yen per company
*A recruitment-type planned trip is a trip that is planned by a travel agency and implemented by recruiting travelers through pamphlets or the Internet.A made-to-order organized trip is a trip that is planned and implemented by a travel agency at the request of a traveler. Refers to a trip.
*Those involved in travel operations such as tour conductors, tour guides, and flight attendants, as well as participants who do not have to pay for accommodation, are not eligible for the subsidy.
*Participants must be foreign travelers visiting Japan, and those who join in Japan or participate from part of the itinerary are not eligible.
*Applications must be made at least 14 days before the date of the subsidy. However, if you apply by Friday, May 2024, 5 for travel products scheduled to run between May 1, 5 (Wednesday) and May 14, 2024 (Tuesday), you will not receive the subsidy. can be targeted.
*Budgets will be secured on a first-come, first-served basis, but please make sure that your application does not change significantly between the time of application and actual results.

○Target businesses
Travel companies (including travel agents, travel agent agents, and travel service arrangement companies) that planned and arranged trips under the applicable business conditions after April 2024
*Individual travel planners are not eligible.

○Application flow
1. Prior confirmation
Please contact the contact information below with travel product information (itinerary, number of participants expected). The person in charge will confirm the details of the travel product and the budget, and will contact you regarding whether or not you are eligible for assistance.
[Contact information] Shima City Tourism Association TEL: +81-599-46-1112
     Email: welcome.pj@kanko-shima.com

2. Entry
Please fill out the "Shima City Inbound Welcome Project Subsidy Entry Sheet (Form 1)" from the [Application Entry Form] and send it with the following required documents attached.
①Applicant information sheet (Form 2)
*If the company conducting the trip and the applicant are different companies, a power of attorney (Form 3) must be submitted.
③Documents that can confirm recruitment details
*For recruitment planned trips: Copy of the public relations magazine related to the trip.
In the case of a made-to-order planned tour: the proposal submitted to the customer or advertisements/announcement documents for recruitment within the customer's organization

3. After receiving your entry, you will receive a confirmation email from the Shima City Tourism Association. At that time, we will attach the entry sheet with the reception stamp, but please be sure to keep it as it will be needed for the performance report after the trip.

4. Performance report
After the trip, please fill out the "Shima City Inbound Welcome Project Subsidy Application Form (Form 4)" from the [Accomplishment Report Form], attach the required documents below, and send the achievement report.
① Invoice (Form 5)
②Final itinerary (not required if it is the same as the one at the time of entry)
③Participant member list (optional format)
④ Accommodation certificate (includes information such as group name, date of stay, number of guests, etc.) (optional format)
*Please have it issued at all accommodations you stay in the city.
*Please report your results within 30 days from the end of the subsidy target date.

5. Request for issuance
As soon as we have confirmed the performance report, the Shima City Tourism Association will send you a notice of issuance decision and transfer the funds to your designated account.
*Payment should be made to a financial institution in Japan. (Overseas remittance is not possible)

6. Change/Cancellation
If there is a change in the number of guests or accommodation location, or the trip is canceled after entry, please immediately submit the "Shima City Inbound Welcome Project Subsidy Change (Cancellation) Approval Application Form (Form 6)" from the [Change (Cancellation) Form]. Please fill out the form, attach the required documents below, and send.
①Applicant information sheet (Form 2)
②Itinerary (changes listed) *In case of increase
③ Documents showing the details of the changes

7. Attachment form (Excel sheet)
(Form 1) Shima City Inbound Welcome Project Subsidy Entry Sheet
(Form 2) Applicant information sheet
(Form 3) Power of attorney
(Form 4) Shima City Inbound Welcome Project Subsidy Application Form
(Form 5) Invoice
(Form 6) Shima City Inbound Welcome Project Subsidy Change (Cancellation) Approval Application Form
(Optional format) Accommodation certificate

○ Other
Depending on implementation status, operational changes may occur during the year. Please note.

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