~Wedding with your precious dog~ [NEMU RESORT]

The popular accommodation facility "NEMU RESORT" has launched a plan that allows you to have a photo wedding that takes advantage of the charm of nature.

NEMU RESORT, which boasts a site the size of 61 Tokyo Domes, is located in a vast natural environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city, with the forest, ocean, and blue sky as a backdrop, allowing you to take memorable location photos of the couple in a variety of situations. is possible.

In the spring of 2022, a villa building will open where you can stay with your dog, allowing you to capture a moment of celebration with your dog, who is an important member of your family.

Why not feel the refreshing sea breeze at "NEMU RESORT" and make a memorable once-in-a-lifetime memory for the two of you on the open stage.

Wedding photos with your dog that can only be done at NEMU RESORT, which is surrounded by nature.

Because it's such an important day, you can dress your dog in a matching bow tie or veil and take a photo with him, which is a unique feature of NEMU RESORT. You can walk around the vast grounds with your pet on a leash or take a stroll in a land car.

You can also stay with your dog.

In the villa building that opened in spring 2022, 8 of the 4 villas can accommodate dogs. Each villa is equipped with services such as a cage for your dog, special equipment, amenities, and snacks, so you can stay comfortably with your dog without bringing anything.

A scene just for the two of you that can only come true because of the vast grounds rich in nature

A scene just for the two of you that can only come true because it is on a vast site rich in nature①
A scene just for the two of you that can only come true because it is on a vast site rich in nature②

The scene, set in a rich natural environment with blue skies and shining green hills, makes you feel like you are in a world just for the two of you. There is nothing else in the frame, just the sky, the earth, and the sea, which makes it reminiscent of a new step for the two of you.

Location Photo Standard ~Standard~

Prices330,000 yen
Message・1 tuxedo, 1 dress, beauty dressing, dressing room, photography, photography data
*Other plans are also available.

 Stay at “Forest Villa”! NEMU Style Gururu Dinner Accommodation Plan

Prices1 night with dinner and breakfast 2 yen per person (excluding bathing tax) when 1 people occupy 38,720 room
Features[Dinner] NEMU Style Gururu (BBQ) *Optional dog menu available
[Breakfast] Japanese and Western buffet *Japanese restaurant Satoumi in HOTEL NEMU


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