Attraction field ticket sales start [Shima Green Adventure]

Tickets for the "Attraction Field" of the activity resort facility "Shima Green Adventure", which will open on Thursday, July 2024, 7, will be on sale from 11:6 on Saturday, June 1st.

1. About “Shima Green Adventure”

“Gura” offers lodging in an extraordinary space, making full use of the view of Ago Bay and the natural surroundings of the golf course.
This is an ``activity resort facility'' consisting of an ``Pinging Field'' and an ``Attraction Field'' where you can move your body and play while enjoying the great outdoors.

zip dive

``Zip Dive'' is Japan's longest (*1) zip line boasting a length of approximately 620 meters that allows you to glide in a prone position.

climbing tower

Athletic Tower®, the world's first (*2) two connected large and small buildings with 127 types of content.

drone garden

You can pilot your own drone and experience mini-games and aerial photography.

forest jump

Net athletics in the trees where even small children can play freely

green slide

Two grass slides that both adults and small children can enjoy

harmony house

A tree house surrounded by the wind, sounds, and scents of nature that will inspire a sense of adventure for both adults and children.

laser battle

"Laser Battle" is Japan's first (*4) outdoor survival game using an infrared system.

*1, 2, 4: As of May 2024, according to our research
*3: Athletic Tower® is a registered trademark of SE Amusement Co., Ltd.

2.About “Attraction Field” tickets

■ About ticket types

① Tickets required for admission

Ticket nameTicket overview
field passAdmission to the attraction field and some attractions for one day only (*)
Tickets that allow you to experience attractions other than .
Night★Zip PassA ticket that allows you to experience the "Night Zip Dive" while enjoying the evening and night scenery after the park closes.
*A field pass or annual passport is not required for the Night★Zip Dive experience.
*"Zip Dive", "Drone Garden", "Laser Battle", "Climbing Tower", "Forest Jump"

② Tickets required to experience some attractions

Ticket nameTicket overviewClassificationTarget attraction
adventure passTickets required to experience some attractions.
In addition to admission tickets such as field passes, eligible attractions include
A separate "Adventure Pass" is required for each attraction.
*There are paid passes and free passes.
Paid・Zip dive
・ Drone garden
・Laser battle
Free・ Climbing tower
・ Forest Jump

■ About ticket sales

NameSales locationWaySale time
field pass
(July 11th (Thursday)
~Sunday, September 1st
Admission fee) (*5,6)
WEB siteFirst come first servedSaturday, June 1st from 10:00
Until 16:00 on Sunday, September 1st
Shima Green Adventure siteFirst come first served9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on the day of admission
(Sales start on July 11th (Thursday))
Night★Zip Pass (*7)WEB site
Shima Green Adventure site
First come first served9:30-17:00 on the day of admission
(Sales start on July 11th (Thursday))
Adventure Pass (*7)WEB siteFirst come first servedSales start at 10:00 on Monday, July 1st
Shima Green Adventure siteFirst come first served9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on the day of admission
(Sales start on July 11th (Thursday))
*5: Entrance date is specified, and you can only enter the park on the day specified at the time of purchase.
*6: A small number of tickets will be sold on the day.
*7: For "Night★Zip Pass" and "Adventure Pass", please specify the usage time frame at the time of purchase.


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