Summer Fiesta [Shima Spain Village]

At the popular theme park "Shima Spain Village", which is celebrating its 30th anniversary, "Summer Fiesta" will be held from June 6th (Saturday) to September 29rd (Monday, holiday).

On the night game days from July 7th (Saturday) to August 27th (Sunday), a gorgeous night parade and impressive fireworks will decorate the park at night.

Why not enjoy the summer resort feeling to the fullest in the open space of Ise-Shima, where the sun and blue sky shine.

1.Summer night game operation

From Saturday, July 7th to Sunday, August 27th, business hours will be extended from 8:25 to 9:30, and night games will be held during the summer vacation.

During this period, a dazzling new night parade "España Carnival 'Buen Viaje'" and the "Moonlight Finale", a spectacular fireworks and music show that fills the night sky, will be held every night.

Please enjoy the gorgeous night that can only be found at Shima Spain Village.

Night Parade & Fireworks

Performance periodXNUM X Month X NUM X Day (Sat)-X NUM X Month X NUM X Day
Performance time19: 30 ~ (about 30 minutes)
Performance locationEntire park (parade route)
*The night parade and fireworks may be canceled or the contents may change depending on weather and other conditions.

"Pokemon" special event

A special event "Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Pokémon Extracurricular Lesson in Shima Spain Village" will be held until September 9rd (Monday, holiday) with the Nintendo Switch software "Pokémon Scarlet and Violet".

There are many experiences that can only be enjoyed here, such as photo spots that take advantage of the scenery inside the Shima Spain Village park, round-trip rallies, and original menu sales.

Recommended menu

"Sin Paella Ise Shima - Pasta Paella with Crab and Sea Bass" (Restaurant "Alhambra")

4,000 yen

*Paella orders are accepted for a minimum of 2 people. The paella in the image serves 2 people.

Dandan noodles with summer vegetables without soup [Restaurant "Amigo"]

1,350 yen

Fluffy shaved ice with peach and yogurt [Churro shop "Chureria"]

1,200 yen

Summer lunch [Hotel Shima Spain Village “Girasol”]

3,000 yen

You can enjoy dishes perfect for summer, such as pasta paella made with Ise-Shima migratory crab and sea bass cooked with short pasta.

Recommended goods

cool towel

1,450 yen

character headband

1,000 yen ~

LED penlight “Buen Viahe”

2,000 yen

"Rotating sign board"

1,500 yen

cool spot

Jub Jub Lagoon

The water playground "Chapcha Pragoon", which is very popular with children, has been equipped with drenching items that produce a large amount of water, and has been powered up as "Jab-Jab Lagoon".

Features include the ``Splash Water Cannon,'' which shoots water high into the sky, and the photo-perfect ``Sunflower Mist.''

DatesJune 6th (Sat) - September 29rd (Monday/Closed)
placeColumbus Square Chapcha Pragoon
SponsorshipBridgestone Tire Solution Japan Co., Ltd.

Let's bask in the summer! "Mist DE Splash"

At the ``Splash Montserrat'' rapids slide, which is very popular in the summer, for a limited time only, a mechanism that sprays a cool mist will be placed at random on every few cars near the landing area.

In addition, lucky customers who are exposed to the mist will receive a "CokeON drink ticket" that can be exchanged for a drink of their choice at a Coca-Cola vending machine.

Get cool mist and drinks to beat the summer heat!

DatesXNUM X Month X NUM X Day (Sat)-X NUM X Month X NUM X Day
11 am to 16 pm
Implementation sitesplash monserer
Sponsorshipcoca cola bottlers
Japan Co., Ltd.
*"Splash Moncellar" is provided by Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Co., Ltd.

pearl festival

"Pearl Gozen" [Restaurant "Matoya"]

4,000 yen

“Pearl scallop ajillo” [Restaurant “Alhambra”]

1,800 yen

Pearl image (* Photo provided by “Mikimoto Pearl Island”)

To commemorate "Pearl Day" on July 7th (Thursday), we will hold an event focusing on pearls. You can enjoy a gozen full of pearl oysters, including rice cooked with pearl oysters, tempura, and cold shabu-shabu pearl pork, as well as ajillo made with pearl oysters.

In addition, customers who purchase pearl products worth 3 yen or more at Pearl Gallery "Margarita" will receive a "Shima Spain Village" passport as a gift!

Please take this opportunity to experience the charm of pearls that Ise-Shima is proud of, including jewelry from the world brand "MIKIMOTO".

DatesJune 6th (Sat) -November 29th (Fri)
placePearl Gallery "Margarita", Japanese Restaurant "Matoya",
Restaurant "Alhambra"
SponsorshipMikimoto Pearl Island Co., Ltd.

Great ticket

Summer annual passport purchase campaign (*Ticket purchases online only)

There will also be a limited-time campaign where you can purchase a great annual passport at an even better price with a meal ticket that can be used at the theme park and Hotel Shima Spain Village's restaurants.

Target period June 6th (Sat) -November 29th (Fri)
*Applicable to those who received an annual passport during the same period.
FeeAdults: 17,000 yen (includes a 1,500 yen meal voucher)
Junior 14,000 yen (includes 1,000 yen meal ticket)
Children/seniors 11,500 yen (includes 1,000 yen meal ticket)
Purchase procedurePlease check the official website for details.

Sales of “Moonlight Passport”

Moonlight Passports, which allow entry after 16pm, will also be sold on days when night games are open.

Please enjoy your summer travel plans to your heart's content, such as sightseeing in Ise-Shima during the day and fireworks at Shima Spain Village at night.

18 years old ~ 64 years old
Middle man
12 years old ~ 17 years old
Junior high school and high school students
3 years old ~ 11 years old
Infant/elementary school student
Over 65 years old
moonlight passport
(Use after 16:XNUMX)
3,800 yen3,000 yen2,500 yen2,500 yen
Passport (regular price)5,700 yen4,600 yen3,800 yen3,800 yen
*“Moonlight Passport” is only sold during night game business days from Saturday, July 7th to Sunday, August 27th.
During this period, we will not be selling "Afternoon Passports," which allow you to enter the park from 14 p.m.

Enjoy a theme park resort at Hotel Shima Spain Village!



sunflower hot spring

The pool at Hotel Shima Spain Village will be open from Saturday, July 7th to Sunday, August 20th. Guests staying at Hotel Shima Spain Village can use it free of charge. There is also an indoor pool that you can use without worrying about getting sunburned.

In addition, there will be a plan with a premium passport that allows you to enjoy the theme park for two days at a great price, as well as a plan that allows you to enjoy summer dinners. Enjoy the summer resort feeling by playing, eating, and relaxing at Shima Spain Village's theme parks, hotels, and hot springs.

*The pool can only be used by Hotel Shima Spain Village/Season Inn Amigos guests, same-day theme park visitors, and annual passport holders. Please check the official website for details.

Summer business schedule

PeriodOpening hours
Weekdays from July 7st (Monday) to July 1th (Friday),
Weekdays from September 9nd (Monday) to September 2th (Friday)
  Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 6/29 (Sat) to 7/15 (Mon/Holiday),
7/20 (Sat) - 7/26 (Fri), 8/26 (Mon) - 8/31 (Sat),
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 9/1 (Sat) to 9/23 (Mon/Closed)
PeriodOpening hours
 Night game operation dateXNUM X Month X NUM X Day (Sat)-X NUM X Month X NUM X Day9:30~20:30

Closed/Closed days

The theme park "Parque Espana", Hotel Shima Spain Village, and Ise Shima Onsen "Himawari no Yu" will be closed from June 6th (Monday) to June 24th (Friday) due to facility maintenance.


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