We will be holding an Instagram posting campaign “I’m sure you’ll love Shima even more”! [Shima City x Shima City Tourism Association 20th anniversary project of Shima City]

In order to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the birth of Shima City, and to widely disseminate the charm of Shima City and make more people aware of the hashtag "#shimastagram,"We will be holding an Instagram posting campaign jointly with the Shima City Tourism Association under the theme of "You'll definitely love Shima even more!"

In line with the slogan for the 20th anniversary of Shima City's incorporation, ``Thank you, of course - Shima's charms are many and varied.'' By posting ``content filled with what you think is the charm of Shima'', everyone can share the good things about Shima. Let's share!

Campaign period

From Monday, April 6, 7 to Saturday, May 1

How to apply?

● Follow the following two accounts

   -Shima City official Instagram (@shimacity_official)

   -Shima City Tourism Association Instagram (@shimacity_tourism_guide)

     *You must log in to Instagram to view.

● Add the following two hashtags

   "#shimastagram" "#shimashihatachi"

● Post photos or videos taken in Shima City (past photos are also acceptable) with the location clearly visible.

What kind of content will you post?

  • Submissions are limited to photos taken within Shima City.

       ・You can apply not only for photos taken during the campaign period but also for photos taken in the past.

  • You can apply in both photo and video formats!

       ・When posting a photo, vertical or horizontal orientation does not matter.

       - When posting a video, the vertical/horizontal orientation and length of the video do not matter.

Please be careful!

  • To apply, you must follow two accounts: "Shima City Official Instagram" and "Shima City Tourism Association Instagram."
  • Applications are limited to content shot within Shima City.
  • When posting, use the hashtagBoth "#shimastagram" and "#shimashihatachi"You need to attach it and post it.
  • If your account is locked, we will not be able to contact you if you are selected or selected, so please remove the lock when applying!

Application guidelines

Please read and agree to the application requirements below before applying for this campaign.

Instagram posting campaign “I’m sure you’ll love Shima even more” Application guidelines (Word file: 25.7KB)

Entry conditions

  • An Instagram account is required to participate in the campaign.
  • To participate in the campaign, you must follow the official Shima City Instagram account (@shimacity_official) and the official Shima City Tourism Association Instagram account (@shimacity_tourism_guide).
  • Photos eligible for application must be photos and videos taken within Shima City. Please post so that we can know where the photo was taken in Shima City.
  • If you make your Instagram account or posts private during the application period or until the winner is confirmed, your entry will not be visible and you will not be able to participate in this campaign. note that.
  • When applying, you must post using the designated hashtags ("#shimastagram" and "#shimashihatachi"). Please note that if this information is not provided, the application will not be considered for selection.
  • Anyone can apply as many times as they like.
  • If there are multiple photos in one post, the first photo will be considered for submission.
  • As a general rule, only photos and videos taken by the applicant can be submitted.
  • When using Instagram, you must comply with Instagram's terms in addition to these Terms.
  • Please note that if any of the following changes or settings are made to the Instagram account you applied for during the campaign period, we may not be able to contact you as a winner or ship prizes.

1. Unfollow @shimacity_official account

2. Unfollow @shimacity_tourism_guide account

3. Does not meet specified application conditions

4. Change your Instagram account name

5. Your Instagram account is set to private

6. Leave Instagram 

Points to note when applying

  • Infringing on others' rights such as intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy, etc., and causing disadvantage to others, such as acts that damage honor and trust, discrimination, etc.
  • Content that violates public order and morals and otherwise makes viewers uncomfortable.
  • The purpose of advertising, sales activities, election activities, solicitation to a specific ideology or religion, etc.
  • Photos and videos submitted must be copyrighted by the applicant.
  • If the portrait of a third party is in the photo, please obtain permission from the person in advance for the portrait to be published before applying.
  • Applicants will be granted permission to use the submitted photos and videos on the city's public relations media, such as the website, Facebook, and Twitter, free of charge. In addition, when using images, we may edit (crop) them without obtaining the consent of the author. note that
  • We are not responsible for any infringement of intellectual property or portrait rights of the subject. In the unlikely event that a dispute arises with a third party, the applicant will be responsible for resolving it at his or her own expense.
  • We cannot accept inquiries regarding selection. note that
  • Shima City deems it to be malicious or inappropriate.

Winning announcement

After the lottery, only the winners will be contacted by the management office via direct message on Instagram.

  • Please note that if you unfollow Shima City's official Instagram account "@shimacity_official", we will not be able to contact you as a winner.
  • Rights acquired through winning cannot be transferred to another person.
  • If the entry form for winners is shared with others, the prize will be invalidated.
  • Winners will be required to register their name, address, phone number, Instagram account name, etc. on the shipping address registration form in order to ship the prize and verify their identity.


  • Applications for this campaign are only accepted from computers and smartphones.
  • Please note that we cannot accept exchanges or returns of prizes due to customer's convenience.
  • Internet connection fees and communication charges are the responsibility of the customer. Connection charges and communication charges vary depending on the telecommunications company and connection company that you have a contract with. For details, please check the contract details with each contract company.
  • Any application will be invalid in the following cases. please note.

       - If shipping address registration is not completed within the period specified in the direct mail after winning.

       ・If there is a problem with the contents of the shipping destination registration.

       - If the prize cannot be delivered due to reasons such as the customer's address being unknown or being unable to be contacted.

       ・If there is any other fraudulent act related to the application.

Management office

All operations of the "Shima City Official Instagram Campaign" (hereinafter referred to as the "Campaign") will be carried out by the Shima City Campaign Secretariat (hereinafter referred to as the "Secretariat"). Secretariat duties will be handled by the Shima City Secretarial Division. Furthermore, if the secretariat deems it necessary, it may freely change these campaign terms and conditions, and may take any necessary measures to ensure the proper operation of this site.

How the secretariat operates

When applying for this campaign, applicants shall comply with the operating methods of the secretariat and shall not raise any objections to such operating methods. [Contact from the secretariat] The cases in which the secretariat will contact users regarding this campaign are as follows.

  • Campaign winner notification
  • Contact regarding prize shipping

Responsibility of the secretariat

Shima City will not be held responsible for any trouble or damage (whether direct or indirect) that may arise from the use of this site. (Including Instagram server down etc.)

Handling of personal information

Objective of obtaining personal information

Personal information registered by customers will be used by Shima City within the scope of the following purposes.

  • Used for notifications to winners and communications related to prize shipping.
  • Use as statistical information that does not identify individuals for the purpose of improving products and services. Personal information will not be used for purposes other than those listed above or provided to third parties without the customer's consent. *Excluding cases where disclosure is required by law etc.

Personal information security management

Personal information will be managed with utmost care in accordance with the Shima City Personal Information Protection Ordinance.

Other terms and conditions


If a dispute arises between a user and a third party in connection with the use of this site, the user shall resolve the dispute at his or her own responsibility and expense, and shall not indemnify Shima City for any damages. shall not give it away. In the event that damage is caused to Shima City, Shima City may claim appropriate compensation for damages from the applicant.


Shima City assumes no responsibility for any damage caused to users or third parties in connection with the use of this site. In addition, if the Secretariat determines that a user is in violation of these campaign terms, the Secretariat may take measures that the Secretariat deems necessary, such as blocking the account. The secretariat assumes no responsibility for this.


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