We will start "baggage storage service" at Shima City Tourist Information Center!

Luggage storage service [Shima City Tourist Information Center]

Shima City Tourist Information Center will start "Baggage Storage Service" on December 12, 29

Leave your suitcases and other large luggage at the Tourist Information Center and enjoy traveling light!


Start date of handling: December 2021, 12

[Keeping fee] 700 yen (per piece)
       (Limited to items with a total length + width + height of up to 160cm and a weight of 25kg or less)

        *(From March 2024, 3) 13 yen [Limited to rental bicycle users]
[Keeping period] 9:00-18:00 *As a general rule, only on the day
[Deposit method] Face-to-face at the counter
        Storage fee must be paid in advance

        We'll issue a voucher

Storage: Shima Tourist Information Center


  • Shima city tourist information center
  • Kintetsu Ugata station 2rd floor
  • Opening time: 9:00 - 18:00

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