I would like a tourist brochure for Shima City.

"If you contact Shima City Tourism Association by the inquiry page or telephone, we will send you for free. ” or contact the Shima City Tourism Association by phone (0599-46-0570) and we will send it to you free of charge.
As We provide information on seasonal tourist attractions, please don't hesitate to contact us if necessary.
Also, please make use of data of tourism brochure as you can download it from each pages.Various download pagesYou can download the tourist brochure data from ``.

I want to know what kind of accommodation there is. I don't know which accommodation to book.

Leave it to our association. Our association permanently provides brochures fo many accommodations within Shima City. Contact Us.

What is the best food to recommend in Shima?

Of course, it's the well-known high-quality ingredients such as Ise-lobster, abalone, and Anori pufferfish, as well as other seafood nurtured by the bountiful sea.
The local dish " Tekone Sushi " is definitely a must-try.

How can I get to Shima City?

If you are using public transportation, you can reach as directly from Nagoya, Osaka, or Kyoto without any transfers by taking the Kintetsu Limited Express.
If you are driving, take the Ise Motorway and follow the Ise Futami Line. From the Shiraki I.C. at the end of the Second Ise Road, take Route 167 to reach us.
For more details, please see the homepageaccess page."

Where is the parking lot for Tourist Information Center (Shima City Tourism Association)?

There is a parking lot in front of Kintetsu Ugata Station.
Parking is free for one hour, so please use it when visiting our association.

Enjoy Shima