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Shima City is a city located on the Shima Peninsula in the southern part of Mie Prefecture, with active agriculture, fisheries, and tourism industries.
The entire city is included in Ise-Shima National Park, and the area is characterized by its ria coastline, mild climate, and rich nature.
Shima City, which has an abundance of delicious seafood, has been known as the "Land of Food" since ancient times.

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Shima city area map

Shima city area map

A blessed sea country with 6 unique areas

Isobe AreaIsobe area

Isobe area map

The Isobe area is located in the center of Shima City.
It is said to be the birthplace of Sawamochi, a local dish that is essential for local events.
Shima Spain Village, a theme park that recreates the cityscape of Spain, is a tourist attraction.

Sightseeing spots in the Isobe area

Ago AreaAgo area

Ago area map

The Ago area has the largest population in Shima City, and is famous for its tourism industry and fishing industry for fish such as pufferfish and seaweed.
The area around Ugata Station, which has two entrances, is a base for sightseeing in Shima City.
The view of Ago Bay from the Yokoyama Observation Deck at the top of the mountain is also spectacular.

Sightseeing spots in Ago area

Hamajima AreaHamajima area

Hamajima area map

The Hamajima area, located in the western part of Shima City, is surrounded by Ago Bay, the Pacific Ocean, and the Kumano Sea, and is home to a thriving spiny lobster fishing industry.
The Ise Shrimp Festival is held every June to express gratitude for the seafood.
Nanbari melon, a specialty product that takes advantage of the warm climate, is also popular.

Tourist spots in Hamajima area

Kashikojima AreaKashiwajima area

Kashiwajima area map

Kashiwajima is the largest inhabited island in Ago Bay and is the birthplace of pearl farming.
You can watch pearl making and take a cruise around Ago Bay on the excursion boat "Esperanza".
In 2016, the Ise-Shima Summit, where leaders from various countries gathered, was held at the Shima Kanko Hotel on Kashiwajima Island.

Sightseeing spots in the Kashiwajima area

Daioh AreaDaio area

Daio area map

The Daio area is located in the southeastern part of Shima City and is famous for producing bonito flakes made from fresh bonito.
It has many spectacular views, including a cape with a lighthouse and a cityscape with intricate stone walls, and is also known as the ``painting town'' where many painters gather.

Daio area sightseeing spots

Shima AreaShima area

Shima area map

The Shima area, the southernmost tip of Shima City, is active in ama fishing and agriculture.
Wagu, Shima Town, located in the center of the Shima area, is famous as a town with many Ama divers in Shima City.
In summer, Hamamomen blooms near the coast, creating a tropical-like scenery.

Sightseeing spots in Shima area

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