Regarding recruitment for banner advertisements

We are currently recruiting banner advertisements to be posted on the Shima City Tourism Association website.
Please use the form below to apply for advertising.

  • [FY5 Shima City Tourism Association site data]

    Number of PV (page views): Approximately 200 million
    Number of Instagram followers: 6550 (April 2024.4)

  • 1. Advertising period

    Postings are basically for one month, but it is also possible to post for multiple months. (up to 1 months)
    Posting start date: 1st day of the month of posting
    Posting end date: Last day of the month for posting

  • 2. Deadline for application for advertising

    Applications are always accepted.
    The deadline is 30 days before the advertisement start date.
    *Deadline for special features is one and a half months in advance

  • 3. Regarding the number of placement slots

    Advertising space is limited.
    Requests for placement of advertisements will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • 4. Advertising plan

    Please refer to the materials (URL/PDF below) for advertising plans.Advertisement location/price plan

    If you would like to become a member of the Shima City Tourism Association, please refer to this document (PDF)Please confirm.

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If you have any questions about banner ads, please write them down.

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