Yokoyama Observation Deck – Overlooking the beautiful scenery of Ago Bay


Yokoyama Observatory is a scenic spot located in the southern part of the Shima Peninsula. This place, which offers beautiful views of Ago Bay, has been featured on many travel websites and guidebooks, and has become a signature tourist activity in Ise-Shima. On this page, we will introduce the charm of Yokoyama Observatory and how to access it.

Features – Charm of the observation deck

Rich natural environment and observation deck

Yokoyama Observatory

There are five observation decks in Yokoyama, and each observation deck has a promenade where you can go hiking while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery.
In recognition of the spectacular views from each observation deck, it was awarded one star in the Michelin Green Guide Japan.

"Tenku Cafe Terrace"

Sky Cafe Terrace - Yokoyama Observatory

The main ``Yokoyama Tenku Cafe Terrace'' is located at an altitude of 140 meters, and when you step foot here, you will feel as if you are a part of nature. This is a special seat where you can enjoy the wonderful scenery of Ago Bay, including the capes, islands, and pearl rafts. The green of the surrounding forest harmonizes with the blue of the ocean in the distance, and a pleasant breeze blows through.

Inside the observation rest area, there is a cafe corner called "Cafe Mirador" run by Shima Mediterranean Village Co., Ltd., where you can enjoy menus made with local ingredients.

Yokoyama Observatory Cafe “Mirador Shima”

"Komorehi Terrace"

Komorehi Terrace - Yokoyama Observation Deck

At ``Komorebi Terrace,'' which is located right next to ``Yokoyama Tenku Cafe Terrace,'' you can enjoy the scenery while sitting in the shade of the trees. We also recommend relaxing with a drink or soft serve ice cream you bought at Cafe Mirador.

"Breeze Terrace" (168m)

Breeze Terrace - Yokoyama Observation Deck

Located at an altitude of 170 meters, you can see the scenery of Ago Bay from an even higher position. As the name suggests, sit on a spacious bench and enjoy a peaceful moment while enjoying the breeze.

"Miharashi Observatory" (180m)

Miharashi Observatory - Yokoyama Observatory

If you go up to the wooden deck, you can see not only Ago Bay but also Jingu Forest and Mt. Asakuma to the north, as well as Izanoura and Matoya Bay.

"Ago Bay Observation Deck" (altitude 177m)

Ago Bay Observatory - Yokoyama Observatory

You can feel Ago Bay closest to you,
Kashiwajima looks beautiful.

Recommended points

Beauty of each season

Yokoyama Observation Deck offers beautiful scenery throughout the year. The sights of spring when the cherry blossoms bloom, autumn when the leaves turn red, and the sunrise are especially recommended. Create memories of your trip while being soothed by the changes of nature.

Barrier-free facilities

``Tenku Cafe Terrace'' and ``Komorebi Terrace'' have slopes and promenades with no steps, making them easy to visit with wheelchairs and strollers. There is also a wheelchair-accessible toilet.

Access information

Access information

Access by car

Private car

It takes about 25 minutes by car from the Daini Ise Road "Shiraki IC". It is conveniently accessible and can be easily visited even by those who come by private car.

Car rental

Orix rental car from Kintetsu Ugata Station.
It's about 10 minutes away.


If you go up the slope next to the Yokoyama Visitor Center at the foot of the mountain for about a minute, you will find yourself near the observation deck.Mountain top parking lot(28 units) available. If the car is fullForest of Creation Yokoyama Parking Lot(83 units),Okunino parking lot(21 units) Please use.

Access by taxi

It is approximately 10 minutes by taxi from Kintetsu Ugata Station.
By taking a taxi, you can easily get to the observation deck.

Yokoyama VIEW taxi service

Yokoyama VIEW Taxi

In 2023, "Yokoyama VIEW Taxi" will be in operation for a limited time. The one-way fare from Ugata Station to the observatory is 500 yen, and a wheelchair-friendly welfare taxi plan is also available. For details, please see the information page of the Shima City Tourism Association.

How to get to the observation deck by electric assist bicycle!

The slope is gentle and you can ride an electric assist bicycle for 90% of the entire distance without breaking a sweat.Yokoyama Visitor CenterPark your bicycle at , then walk up 400m of well-maintained stone steps. Along the way, you'll also take part in fun quizzes about the area.
At the end of the climb, enjoy sweet drinks and snacks while admiring stunning views of the Rias coast of Ago Bay and out to the Pacific Ocean.
On the way back, you can cut the wind and enjoy the contact with nature that you can't get by car. It will be your best memory.

(*By bicycle, you can go to Yokoyama Visitor Center parking lot or Sozo no Mori parking lot. Yokoyama Sanjo Parking Lot P2 is only for cars.)

Events & News


Slope construction to observation deck

Construction of the slope is scheduled to take place from September 2023 to the end of January 9.
During the construction period, you will be able to access the observation deck from the mountain top parking lot by taking the 79 steps instead of using the slope.
Please be careful when visiting.


Way of reading

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EnglishYokoyama View Point


Yokoyama Observatory is an attractive place where you can see the beautiful nature of Ise-Shima National Park. We offer visitors a heartwarming time with seasonal views, barrier-free facilities, and a cafe where you can enjoy local flavors. Please come and have a fun time surrounded by nature.

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517-0501 Agocho Ugata, Shima, Mie 875-20
0599-44-0567 (Yokoyama Visitor Center)
Opening hours
There is no lighting equipment, so be careful after sunset.
Time taken
30 minutes
Reservation link
Closing days
stormy day
yes: 28 parking spaces
Public transportation: Get off at Kintetsu Ugata Station. ① Approximately 8 minutes by taxi. Arrive at Yokoyama Observation Deck.
②Take the bus and get off at "Yokoyama Tozanguchi". Approximately 45 minutes walk (2.2km).
③ Approximately 45 minutes' walk (2.2 km) from Kintetsu "Shima Yokoyama Station" (only local trains stop).
Car: Approximately 167 minutes from Daini Ise Road Shiraki IC via National Route 25
There are three parking lots around Yokoyama Observatory. There are 28 parking spaces available in the parking lot right next to the observation deck, but it fills up quickly on holidays. The parking lots located past the Yokoyama Visitor Center can accommodate 36 and 21 vehicles, respectively. It takes about 15 minutes to walk from the parking lot to the observation deck. *Large and medium-sized buses and motorcycles (including bicycles) are not allowed in the Yokoyama Observation Deck parking lot. Please use the Yokoyama Visitor Center parking lot and Sozo no Mori Yokoyama parking lot below the promenade.
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