Ise Shima Skyline

Asakumadake Kongoshoji Temple, a temple that protects the spectacular bird-eye view and the demon gate of Ise Grand Shrine

○From the observation deck at an altitude of 500m, you can enjoy a three-dimensional bird's-eye view of Ise Bay, the Chita Peninsula, and the Atsumi Peninsula.
Furthermore, from the Shima Peninsula to the eastern Kii Peninsula, along the ria coastline and the horizon of the Pacific Ocean, you can experience that the Earth is a ``spherical'' and have fun learning about geology.
○As is sung in the verse of Ise Ondo, ``If you visit Ise, go to Asaguma, but if you don't go to Asakuma, it's a one-time visit.'' It was customary for people who visited Ise Grand Shrine to also visit this temple. This is a famous temple that protects the demon gate of Ise Grand Shrine.
○It is famous as a place to worship from a distance during the first sunrise of the year.

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RomajiIse-shima skyline
EnglishIse-shima skyline


516-0023 Iwai Tayama, Ujidate-cho, Ise-shi, 677-1
0596-22-1810 (Ise Tollgate)
Opening hours
1月~7月・9月~12月 7:00~19:00 ※最終入所は18:15まで
August 8:7-00:20
Toll fee
 Motorcycle (126cc or more) 900 yen
 Light/small/normal car 1,270 yen
 Microbus 3,210 yen
 Large charter bus 5,100 yen
 Large freight vehicle 5,100 yen
 Viewing footbath 100 yen
(*The above amounts are from October 10 onwards)
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By car: 1. If you are coming from Ise, cross Urata Bridge toward the athletics stadium, turn right at the traffic light, and turn left at the immediate fork. You will find the Ise-side gate of Ise-Shima Skyline.
  2.If you are coming from Toba, turn left at the traffic light in front of Drive-in Toba, which is 1km from Toba Station towards Ise, and you will find the Toba side gate.
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