Shimako-san & Aosa - Official LINE stamps now on sale!

Shimako-san & Aosa ~ Official LINE stamp

LINE stamps featuring Shima City's popular official characters Shimako-san and Aosa are now on sale!

It is a stamp that is easy to use in a variety of situations, incorporating phrases that are often used in everyday life and Shima dialect. Please use it for your daily conversations on LINE.

Release date2024 years 2 month 24 day (Saturday)
Number of stamps1 set (32 pieces)
Price・When purchasing within the LINE app…50 LINE coins
・When purchasing from LINE STORE (browser)…120 yen

How to buy

● When purchasing from the LINE app

Search for "Shimako-san & Aosa~" in the LINE app stamp shop. It will be displayed in the "Creator" column. Please purchase with LINE coins.

● When purchasing from LINE STORE (browser)

Search for "Shimako-san & Aosa~" in "LINE STORE" or purchase using any payment method from the LINE store using the URL or QR code below.


[Shima City Industry Promotion Department Tourism Division]TEL: 0599-44-0005
FAX: 0599-44-5262
E-mail: kanko@city.shima.lg.jp
[General Incorporated Association Shima City Tourism Association]TEL: 0599-46-1112
FAX: 0599-43-8321
E-mail: info@kanko-shima.com

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