Sasara Dance – Tategami

Sasara dance

It is said that Sasara Odori began around 200 years ago. It is held once every five years, and memorial services are held for those who have passed away in the past five years.
We left in front of the former Tategami Fisheries Cooperative and entered the Yakushido Square. Adults in shoulder robes entered first.
Before the Sasara dance, everyone holds a memorial service. On the first day, a memorial service was held for the New Bon Festival, and on the second day, a memorial service was held for the deceased.

What is Sasara Odori?

"Sasara" is a musical instrument made from split bamboo. Elementary school students in yukata and Hanagasa hats form a circle and dance to the sound of ``Sasara'' to the sound of Kanko (small drum).
On the outside, two boufuri dance with bamboo sticks wrapped in white cloth, and towards the end of the dance they run around in time with the conch shell and clap each other.
In addition to ``Sasara,'' children also pick up ``Kokiriko.''


titleTategami Sasara Dance
Date2024 years 8 month 14 date (month)
VenueFormer Tategami Fisheries CooperativeBefore
Way of readingtategami no sasara odori


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