8th Kokufu Festival

The 2024th Kokufu Festival will be held from April 4, 28 (Sunday) at Kokufu Shirahama and Kokufu Shirahama Rest House.

What is Kokufu Festival?

The Kokufu Youth Association, formed by local young people who love Kokufu, has been holding the Kokufu Festival since 2015 in order to further enliven the area. Thanks to everyone's warm cooperation, this year will be the 8th time this event has been held.


Time & DateSunday, April 2024, 4 28:10-00:17
VenueKokufu Shirahama Rest House, Kokufu Shirahama
SponsorshipKokufu Festival Executive Committee (Kokufu Youth Association)


Sand art exhibition opening ceremony 10:00~

Sand art exhibition opening ceremony

The opening ceremony for the sand art exhibition will be held by the participants of the "Sand Art Contest" to be held on the 27th.

Booths (restaurants, etc.) 10:00~

Many wonderful shops have opened, including the Indonesian restaurant ``Bali House,'' ``Oyatsuya,'' which serves stylish lunches, ``Cocojan Kitchen,'' a kitchen truck with Cuban and mackerel sandwiches, and ``Ajiro,'' which serves Shimanokuni yakisoba. will be done.

Booth (restaurants, etc.)

Isobe drum performance 12:00~

Isobe drum performance

A performance method inherited from the ``Isobe Gakuuchi,'' which is also said to be the battle drum of the Kuki Suigun.
The Isobe Gakuuchi is a unique horizontal drum that is different from regular drums in that it is played using a large drum placed on the ground. This traditional drum has a wild and powerful dynamic beauty, and its characteristic pauses are also artistic.

Hula Studio Kai Lani Hula Dance 11:00~

Hula Studio Kai Lani is a hula dance studio with its main school in Ise. This is a very popular studio that has been active since 2010 and has appeared at many events in Ise, Shima, and outside the prefecture.

Hula Studio Kai Lani Hula Dance

Kokufu Shirahama de Shell Bottle Experience 13:00~

Kokufu Shirahama de treasure hunt (elementary school students and younger) 13:00~



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