AMIGO Marche in Shima Mediterranean Village

The marche event “AMIGO Marche in Shima Mediterranean Village” will be held at Village & Hotel Shima Mediterranean Village on Saturday, May 2024, 5.

Shima Mediterranean Village, which incorporates the scenery and culture of the Mediterranean, brings together many of Ise-Shima's wonderful shops, allowing you to enjoy the atmosphere as if you were in a marche overseas.

Please take this opportunity to participate with your family and friends.


DatesSaturday, May 2024, 5 *Cancelled in case of rain on the day
open time10:00 to 15:00
VenueVillage & Hotel Shima Mediterranean Village
(517-0403 Sako, Hamajimacho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture XNUMX-XNUMX)

List of store openings

Original sandwiches from around the world
homemade vinegar drink
at your own home.

Spam musubi is popular in Hawaii and Okinawa! We have prepared addictive flavors and various toppings.

The shop owner introduces and sells wonderful things he found in the Czech Republic.

A healthy-sized mini muffin icing cookie workshop will also be held at the same time.

This is a cucumber farmer's kitchen car.
Cucumbers are the star of the menu, such as cucumber tacos and bun pan jis.

I am a Gamaguchi artist who is active mainly in Shima City. He also uses designer fabrics to create a variety of gamaguchi.

Akoya shell-shaped fried manju
This is a ``Kashikoyaki'' kitchen car. A soft and fluffy fabric made with local ingredients.

We have arranged flowers that are at their best now.
We want you to enjoy your garden life.

Our products are friends with half-Japanese people. Enjoy a relaxing time feeling nature.
I hope you enjoy your stay.

Currently active as a fortune teller mainly in Ise-Shima. You can easily experience fortune telling.

We will be selling original cookies and special cuff sweets offered at the restaurant "Taverna AZUL".

You can feel free to try the course at Aesthetica Bonita in Shima Mediterranean Village.

*The above photo is an image.

*Other store openings will be updated from time to time.




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