Flower Festival 2024 [Shima Kokubunji]

The ``Flower Festival 2024'' at Shima Kokubunji, affectionately known as ``Yoka-san,'' will be held on Wednesday, May 2024, 5, to celebrate the birthday of Buddha.

What is “Shima Kokubunji Flower Festival”?

Shima Kokubunji's Flower Festival is an event to celebrate the birth of Buddha by pouring sweet tea over the Buddha statue enshrined in the ornate Hanamido Hall.

Yoka (Youka)

Generally, it is held on April 4th, the day of Buddha's birth, but here at Shima Kokubunji, it is held on May 8th every year, and the locals call it ``Yoka (Yokazu)-san.'' It is popularly known as.


Dates2024 years 5 month 8 Date (water)
VenueShima Kokubunji Temple
(517 Kokufu, Ago-cho, Shima-shi, Mie 0506-XNUMX)
ParkingAvailable / 50 units / Free


*For the first time in five years, we are planning to pour sweet tea on the Buddha where Buddha was born.

(To prevent people from sharing sweet tea, and for safety and hygiene reasons, we will only serve sweet tea to celebrate Buddha's birthday.)

*Please visit from the worship area (outer hall) of the main hall.

* Disinfectants will be installed in the main hall, reception area, etc.

*We ask that everyone visiting the shrine take measures to prevent infection according to the situation at the time.


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