Regarding Shima City student training camp invitation subsidy in 6

In order to attract students to camp in Shima City, we will subsidize a portion of the expenses incurred by organizations that meet certain conditions.
Please take advantage of this grant and come to Shima City.

[Support recipients and target projects]
Organizations that conduct training camps that meet all of the following conditions to be eligible for the subsidy (each organization must have 1 or more people)

a Staying at accommodations in the city
b Utilizing SNS such as Instagram to disseminate information.
c To cooperate with a questionnaire survey conducted by Shima City or the Shima City Tourism Association.

*However, the following training camps are not eligible.

(1) Events sponsored or co-sponsored by political or religious organizations
(2) Events sponsored or co-sponsored by the national or local governments
(3) Those that sell admission tickets, etc. for the purpose of profit.
(4) Other items that the Shima City Tourism Association deems inappropriate.
May not be combined with other grants

[Subsidy target]
~Until check-out on Sunday, March 7, Reiwa 3
*Accommodations from March 7, 3 to April 31, 7 are not eligible.

[Subsidy amount]
Amount obtained by multiplying the total number of guests by the following amount [Upper limit:15 yen
*Teachers and supervisors are also eligible.

■Check-in date
[Holidays and Sunday to Thursday]...2,000 yen x total number of guests
[The day before a holiday and Friday/Saturday]...1,000 yen x total number of guests

・If 50 people stay for one night on Monday...Total of 1 people x 50 yen = 2,000 yen
・If 20 people stay for 3 nights from Friday to Sunday
Friday and Saturday accommodation: 40 people x 1,000 yen = 40,000 yen
Sunday stay: 20 people x 2,000 yen = 40,000 yen
Total 80,000 yen (40,000 yen + 40,000 yen)

[Number of grants]
Once per year per organization

[About disseminating information using SNS]
Use SNS such as Instagram and add the following "# (hashtag)" so that you can see the details of the training camp in Shima City, the scenery and food of Shima City taken during the training camp, the names of club activities and circles, etc. Please post.
*Please write the account name in the notes section of the invoice.

#Shima City Student Camp

It will end as soon as the subsidy runs out. In order to encourage as many people as possible to visit Shima City, we ask for your cooperation in entering as close to the actual number as possible. Also, if there is a change in the number of people, please contact us in advance each time.

[Application process]
① Please enter using the training camp entry form at the bottom of the page (email, fax, or mail is also acceptable).

②After receiving your entry, you will receive a confirmation email from the Tourism Association.

③ After the training camp is over, please send the training camp performance report, invoice, and questionnaire responses to the email address below (please download the attached documents required for the performance report below). We will confirm the details (accommodation, SNS, etc.) and return you with a notification of issuance decision.

Submit to: Shima City Tourism Association, General Incorporated Association
Email: info@kanko-shima.com

<Documents required for performance report>
1. Itinerary (something that shows you have attended the training camp)
2.Participant list (including leading teachers, etc.)
3. Accommodation certificate
4.Invoice (please write your SNS account name in the notes section)
*1-2 are optional formats.
*If the requester's name and account holder's name are different,power of attorneyIs required.
*Please send your performance report by 10 days after the training camp ends. Please note that in the unlikely event that an organization does not report, the subsidy may be withdrawn.

④After all the above procedures are completed, the funds will be transferred to the designated account.

[For those who have difficulty applying through the form]
Please contact the Shima City Tourism Association by email, fax, or mail.

Schools established outside the city prescribed in Article 22 of the School Education Act (Act No. 26 of 1) (excluding kindergartens and elementary schools), graduate schools prescribed in Article 97 of the same law, and prescribed in Article 124 of the same law Refers to students enrolled in vocational training schools or various schools stipulated in Article 134 of the same law.
*Applicable to junior high schools, high schools, universities, graduate schools, and vocational schools.

■Training camp…
A training camp held by groups of five or more students (including teachers and instructors leading the students) for the purpose of improving sports and liberal arts skills, as well as a training camp held for the purpose of academic improvement. However, excluding school trips

■Accommodations in the city…

[QR code for each form]

Entry form

Entry form/QR code

Performance report form

Performance report form/QR code

Enjoy Shima