Enjoy the outdoors easily! Shima glamping special feature

Glamping originated overseas, but in recent years, attractive glamping facilities have been increasing in Japan as well. Glamping is recommended for those who want to try camping, but are unsure because they are not used to it. We will introduce glamping facilities in Shima City that outdoor beginners should definitely try.

What is glamping?

Glamping is a new outdoor style that was born overseas. Glamping may be an unfamiliar word, but it is a combination of glamorous and camping, and it means an experience where you can enjoy camping without having to prepare any camping equipment.

The charm of glamping

The appeal of glamping is that you don't have to prepare for camping or clean up afterward, and you can enjoy the outdoors while being light, as there is staff and camping equipment and meals provided during your stay. You can enjoy nature experiences unique to the facility's privileged location, and depending on the location, you can also enjoy unique services such as sea kayaking. There are various types of facilities, including tent-type ones and cottage-type ones with full facilities like a hotel.

Grandome Ise Kashiwajima: A dome-shaped glamping facility with full service

Grandome Ise Kashiwajima is a facility where you can enjoy glamping in 7 types of dome tents equipped with air conditioners, refrigerators, amenities, etc. Depending on your preference, you can choose from a standard 2-bed, N Terrace with its own private garden, or a luxury with deck chairs outside. Each tent has a different interior design, and the back side of the tent is made of transparent material, so you can enjoy the forest scenery while inside.

Recommended points/facility information/access

There is a BBQ terrace outside the dome tent, so you can enjoy BBQ whenever you like. One of the meal plans, ``Taste the Ise Lobster Glamping BBQ Plan,'' is a luxurious plan that includes Mie's seasonal ingredients such as Matsusaka beef, as well as a whole Ise lobster per person, which is unique to Mie. Recommended for those who want to taste the ingredients. Inclusive services (costs for drinks and activities during your stay are included in the accommodation fee) are also available, and there are attractive services such as all-you-can-eat Haagen-Dazs and all-you-can-drink drinks at the bar only at night.

・Standard 2 beds (maximum capacity: 4 people)
・Standard 4 beds (Maximum capacity: 5 people)
・Premium 2 beds (maximum capacity: 4 people)
・Garden Dome (Maximum capacity: 4 people)
・Luxury (maximum capacity: 4 people)
・Luxury terrace (maximum capacity: 4 people)
・N Terrace (Maximum capacity: 5 people)
・Double Dome (Maximum capacity: 8 people)

・[1 night with 2 meals] Mie brand glamping plan
・[1 night with 2 meals] Taste the Ise lobster glamping BBQ plan [Includes 1 whole shrimp per person]
・[Room without meals/You can bring your own] Free overnight stay plan, etc.
*Each plan has the option to add ingredients for a fee.


Address863-4 Shinmei, Ago-cho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture
Opening hoursCheck-in 15:00
Check out 11:00

Kabuku Resort: A comprehensive resort facility located in Ichigohama, where surfers gather

Kabuku Resort is a complex resort facility located in Ichigohama, popular with surfers in the Kansai region, that opened in 2017 and includes facilities such as glamping, barbecue, a cafe, and an art park with a pool. It is a place rich in nature surrounded by mountains and the sea, and you can enjoy a starry sky at night, and depending on the time and weather, you may even be able to see Mt. Fuji. We are affiliated with the diving center "DIVE STATION 35", so you can also try diving.

Recommended points/facility information/access

At Kabuku Resort, you can enjoy a luxurious BBQ using ingredients unique to Mie, such as Matsusaka beef and abalone caught by Ama divers in Shima. The popular semi-sweet tent has a Finnish-style tent sauna where you can adjust the temperature by burning your own firewood or by pouring water onto the sauna stones to generate steam, allowing you to refresh your mind and body at your preferred temperature. You can. A sauna in the middle of nature is sure to be a special experience that is different from a normal sauna. Some tents have a drum can bath experience that is included in the plan, from starting a fire to boiling water, which is very popular with children.

・Luxury tent semi-suite type (with private covered terrace) with drum bath experience
・Luxury tent (no private covered terrace)
・Grand tent (limited to 1 room per day)
・Moving room (1 trailer house rental)

●Day BBQ
・Kabuku original seafood BBQ (1 serving) 4,500 yen
・Beautiful country Mie 3 major delicacies BBQ (1 serving) 11,500 yen and more
*Other food and drink menus available for a fee
●BBQ space rental
・Large (up to 5-6 people) 8,000 yen
・Small (up to 4 people) 4,000 yen
・Groups of 7 or more people, consultation required
*BBQ equipment rental available for a fee


Address876 Shijima, Ago Town, Shima City, Mie Prefecture
Opening hoursCheck-in: 16:00~ (varies depending on the room)
Check out 10:00~
Parking¥ 1 per unit
*As a general rule, one free parking space is available for guests staying at the hotel.
*Parking fees will apply for second and subsequent vehicles.
*Up to 2 devices are free for large group plans.

Ise-Shima Everglades: Glamping facility with an American motif

Ise-Shima Everglades, located in the center of Ise-Shima National Park, is an American outdoor resort. There are three types of American-inspired glamping facilities, all of which have open lakes where you can ride Canadian canoes as much as you like. Half of the facility is covered outdoors and the other half is indoors, so you can relax and have a luxurious time both inside and outside. Firewood is available at the nearby fire place, so you can also start a campfire.

Recommended points/facility information/access

The glamping facilities and cabins that are named after American places have American-style exteriors, just as the name suggests, and each has a different charm, such as gardens and lofts where you can enjoy outdoor cooking. One of the meal plans, ``One Pound Ribeye Steak Set,'' allows you to enjoy BBQ on an American-style grill with a lid, using a thick steak like an authentic American one as the main dish. There is a wide variety of single menus and desserts, and you can enjoy the finest BBQ that you can rarely experience.

● Glamping
・Caribbean with canoe
・Safari tent with canoe, etc.
● Cabin
・Miami with canoe
・Florida with canoe etc.
・Dear Doggy and others
● Day camp
・Resort day

●Plans, prices, options, day trip information, etc.


Address1365-10 Anagawa, Isobe-cho, Shima-shi, Mie Prefecture
Opening hoursCheck-in 14:00
(Tent sites open at 13:00)
Check out 11:00
(Tent sites open at 12:00)

LUXUNA Ise-Shima, a lonely island on land: Glamping facility surrounded by the sea and forest

“Luxuna Ise Shima, a solitary island on land” that opened in July 2021 is a glamping facility located within a 7-minute walk from Goza Shirahama, a beach with beautiful emerald green waters. There are two types of tents with hotel-like facilities: dome tents and luxury tents, and each tent has a different interior, so you'll discover something new each time you stay. Since the sea is nearby, there are plenty of marine sports activities such as kayaking and surfing.

Recommended points/facility information/access

The most recommended point of LUXUNA Ise Shima is the "Blue Cave Tour". ``Blue Cave'' is a place facing the sea where the surface of the sea appears to shine blue.Due to the angle of light and the ebb and flow of the tide, only a limited number of people can participate in cave photography, but if you are lucky... If you can participate, it will definitely become a special memory. LUXUNA Ise Shima is the only glamping facility in Japan where you can experience a blue cave tour. The clear kayaks available for tours are made of transparent material, allowing you to peer into the beautiful underwater world while on the water. Three types of BBQ courses are available depending on your budget, and the shellfish that comes with each course is fresh as they are ordered on the day of your stay. The long offal from local yakiniku restaurant Keijo, which comes with more than the standard course, is also delicious.

●Seaside area (Pacific Dome)
・"Amaterasu" semi-double/6 beds (maximum 12 people)
・"Susanoo" double/2 beds (maximum 4 people)
・"Izanagi" semi-double/4 beds (maximum 8 people)
・"Izanami" semi-double/4 beds (maximum 8 people)
●Woodland area (luxury tent/tippy tent)
・"Unicorn/Troll" 6 bedrooms ・Equipped with various rug camping items
・“Imp/Elf/Pixie/Dryad” 4 bedrooms ・Equipped with various rug camping items
・“Korobokkuru” 3 bedrooms ・Equipped with various rug camping items

・Glamping plan (1 night 2 days, 2 meals included) 15,740~
・Rag camp run (overnight stay, free to bring your own) from 9,240 yen
・Day trip plan from 3,300 yen
・Blue cave tour (with guide) (90 minutes)
・Clear kayak (with guide) (90 minutes)
・Sea kayak (with guide) (90 minutes)
・Sap (120 minutes)
・Rock fishing experience (90 minutes)
*Options and rental items available for a fee


Address878 Goza, Shimamachi, Shima City, Mie Prefecture
Opening hours10:00~20:00
Check-in 15:00
Check out 10:00
*Depends on plan

Glamping Resort GRANP: Relaxing hotels and cottages overlooking Ago Bay

Glamping Resort GRANP, surrounded by the sea and forests, has an open feel with a hotel and BBQ deck overlooking Ago Bay, where you can enjoy BBQ on the outdoor deck or gazebo (Western-style pavilion). This is a glamping facility where you can relax in a cottage. There are plans to stay in standard rooms at low prices, so you can stay according to your budget. You can stay comfortably in hotels and cottages, so it's also recommended for people who want to enjoy the outdoors but are afraid of insects.

Recommended points/facility information/access

Glamping Resort GRANP's ``Easy BBQ Day Trip Plan'' is a plan where you can have a BBQ with luxurious ingredients, mainly Matsusaka beef and Ise seafood, at a reasonable price (you can also bring your own drinks and ingredients) ). The open deck and gazebo can be reserved for private use, and the great thing about it is that all the space and equipment are provided. Single dishes are also available for an additional fee, so you can fully enjoy a satisfying BBQ even on a day trip. The suite B type bath has a large jet bath and a TV, making it very comfortable.

・Private Deck Cottage A [Capacity 2-5 people]
・Private Deck Cottage B [Capacity 2-4 people]
・Suite A [Capacity 2-5 people]
・Suite B [Capacity 2-5 people]
・Semi-suite room [Capacity 2 people]
・Standard room [Capacity 1-2 people]

・Easy BBQ day trip plan 5,500 yen / 1 person (*2 people or more)
·Feel free! glamping! Relaxing camping-style dinner BBQ plan★You can bring your own★ From 9,800 yen
-Suite Room A
-Suite Room B
-Semi-suite room
-Standard room
·Feel free! glamping! Private deck cottage plan ★Bring your own ★ From 17,500 yen
-Private Deck Cottage A
-Private Deck Cottage B


Address480-13 Shinmei, Ago-cho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture
Opening hoursCheck-in 15:00-18:00
Check out 10:00

Grand Dog Ise Kashiwajima: A glamping facility that you can enjoy with your dog, complete with dog run

Grand Dog Ise Kashishima, which opened in July 2021, is Shima City's first glamping facility where you can stay with your dog, complete with a private dog run (people who don't bring their dog can also stay). Each room is equipped with a cage, pet toilet box, pet seat, etc., and is fully taken care of for your precious dog. Located right in front of Ago Bay, you can enjoy a private view of the ocean. It's also great that each room has its own dining space so you can have a BBQ even on rainy days.

Recommended points/facility information/access

The private dog run provided in each room of "Grand Dog Ise Kashiwajima" is up to 200 square meters, so you can enjoy spending time with your beloved dog. It's a private space where you can enjoy the ocean view, so you can enjoy nature with your dog in a private space. There are many amenities in the facility specifically for dogs, including dog bathtubs, dog food bowls, paw towels, and other items necessary for spending time with your dog, so you can spend time with your dog during your stay. You can spend it. There are BBQ plans that focus on fresh seafood from Ise Shima and seasonal lobsters, and you can enjoy BBQ even on rainy days in the dining space within the facility.

・The Suite Ocean Front
・Standard Ocean Front
・Mega Terrace Ocean Front

・[1 night with 2 meals] Mie brand glamping plan
・Taste the Ise lobster glamping BBQ plan [Includes 1 whole shrimp per person]
・[Rooming without meals/You can bring your own] Free overnight plan
●Equipment for pets
・Private dog run
・Cage (1 unit)
・Pet sheet
● Rental
・BBQ gas grill 3,850 yen
・Smoker (with smoke tip) 1,100 yen
・Dutch oven large 550 yen, small 440 yen


Address952-1 Shinmei, Agocho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture
Opening hoursCheck-in 15:00
Check out 11:00
ParkingYes (free of charge)

NEMU RESORT “NEMU Forest Villa”: A resort facility where you can enjoy the great nature of Shima with your dog

"NEMU Forest Villa", where you can enjoy glamping, opened in April 2022 at NEMU RESORT in the nature-rich Ise-Shima National Park. Forest Villa's site is 4 square meters, and the entire NEMU RESORT is about 1 times the size of Tokyo Dome. The vast NEMU RESORT has a wide variety of activities such as tennis courts and cruising, and while you can enjoy the spectacular scenery unique to a resort area, you can easily travel to the places you want to go by using the villa's exclusive land car (free of charge). There are three different types of hot springs within NEMU RESORT, including a natural hot spring and a pearl bath, allowing you to warm your body and mind while experiencing the nature of Ise-Shima.

Recommended points/facility information/access

"NEMU Forest Villa" is an accommodation facility with the theme of a private space in harmony with calm nature. During your stay, you can fully enjoy experiences that you wouldn't normally have, such as bird watching and stargazing while enjoying nature. For breakfast and dinner, you can choose from several types of meals, and exclusive to NEMU Forest Villa guests, there are boxed lunches and BBQ made with seafood and mountain produce from Ise-Shima. We also recommend that you enjoy the breakfast bento ``Mori no Asa Gohan'' like a picnic at your favorite spot on the grounds. Four of the eight villas allow you to stay with your dog, and each villa is equipped with dog cages, special equipment, amenities, treats, and other services, as well as a dog run space and a shampoo room just for dogs. It has been.

・Forest Villa [Dogs not allowed] 4 buildings 
・Forest Villa with DOG 4 buildings 

●Dinner to choose from 3 options
●Breakfast with a choice of two options
●Other equipment
・Hot bath facility “Megumi no Yu”
・Outdoor dining “Satoyama Lounge”
●Other ways to spend your time


Address2692-3 Sako, Hamajimacho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture (inside Ise-Shima National Park)
Opening hoursInquiries regarding reservations will be accepted from 9:00 to 19:00.
ParkingAvailable in front of the hotel (free)

Listed facility map

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