Taste the seafood of Ise-Shima! Ama hut special feature

Do you know about Ama huts? The ama hut is a place where the ama divers warm up after fishing by sitting around the hearth, or take a break while eating snacks. The Ama hut is not just a resting place, but also a place for friends to chat and communicate around a bonfire. Ama huts in Toba City and Shima City offer food and drink services where you can enjoy freshly caught seafood to help people learn about Ama culture. The stories of the ama divers and the taste of fresh seafood grilled over charcoal are popular, and some tourists come from overseas. Please come and visit the ama hut.

About the ama hut: Ama are women who dive into the sea to collect shellfish and seaweed, and tools for collecting shellfish that are thought to have been used by ama divers have been discovered in Japan since the middle of the Jomon period, and have been around for about 5000 years. It is thought that the oldest diver divers lived there before. A large amount of abalone okoshi (a tool for peeling abalone stuck to rocks) made from abalone shells and animal bone horns was discovered at the Shirahama ruins in Ura Village, Toba City, and Toba City has also had ama divers for a long time. There are traces that it was there.

Ama culture in Mie Prefecture

Mie Prefecture has the largest number of Ama divers in Japan, and it can be said that Ama is a traditional culture of Mie Prefecture. Ama's job is not only to fish, but also to manage sea resources by setting rules such as not collecting abalone, fry, juvenile shellfish, or eggs that are below a certain size. The Ama divers of Toba and Shima use unique tools for fishing, such as the ``tambo'', a floating ring with a basket for holding the prey, and the ``kaginomi'', which can be used with a spatula and a hook depending on the prey. I can list it.

Ama diver hut experience facility Satoumian: Enjoy the delicacies of “Mishokukuni” with the ama divers

Satoumian - Ama Hut Experience Facility
Satoumian - Ama Hut Experience Facility
Satoumian - Ama Hut Experience Facility

Satoumian, an ama hut experience facility located in front of Azuri Beach in Koshiga, Shima Town, is an ama hut experience facility where you can experience the atmosphere of an ama hut and enjoy fresh seafood while interacting with ama divers. is.
The most distinctive feature of Satoumian is that there is always one Ama diver at each table to grill the food.
Ama divers know not only about fishing and the sea, but also the best way to eat seafood, so they grill it to the perfect degree so you can enjoy the original taste of the ingredients without using seasonings. . There are also three types of Ama huts: the tatami type, which is the closest to an actual Ama hut, the horigotatsu type, where you can put your feet down and relax while still retaining the atmosphere of an Ama hut, and the Ama hut, where you can easily enjoy the Ama hut without taking off your shoes. There are table types that you can experience.
In particular, the table type restaurant is suitable for everyone, including overseas customers and young people who are not used to eating while sitting on tatami mats, elderly customers who find it difficult to sit upright, and even customers in wheelchairs since it is barrier-free. You can experience an ama hut.

Recommended points/fees/access

Each group can eat in a relaxed manner, so in addition to being used for sightseeing, it can also be used for important anniversaries or as a place to welcome guests. Even the basic courses are plentiful.
There are two types of dried fish, including freshly caught turban shells, cypress shellfish, Japanese squid, and dried fish that change depending on the day.The meal ends with hijiki kamameshi and seaweed miso soup, both cooked individually for each person.
The fragrant aroma of seafood grilled over charcoal, combined with the sight of it grilling right in front of your eyes, will whet your appetite.
There are courses that come with abalone from March to September, and lobster from October to April, and there are also courses that include both abalone and lobster that are limited to March and April.
We also recommend the dinner course, where you can enjoy a different atmosphere from the daytime while listening to the sound of waves and crackling charcoal. There is also an ama museum, so it is fun to arrive a little early and ask the ama about what you saw at the museum first, or to look around the museum while remembering the story after your meal.
There are also photo spots where you can try on Ama costumes, so be sure to take photos to capture your memories.

Satoumian - Ama Hut Experience Facility
Satoumian - Ama Hut Experience Facility

●Experience course
・You can talk to Ama divers and enjoy freshly caught seafood ♪ Basic course (about 90 minutes) [2 people] 1 yen per person / [4,950 or more people] 3 yen per person
・"Plan with Ise lobster♪~ Let's eat all of Shima!!~" (approx. 90 minutes) [2 people] 1 yen per person / [9,900 or more people] 3 yen per person (October to April)
・[Eating Shima's "best"! ] Seasonal grilled abalone, Ise lobster longevity soup, and local cuisine Tekone sushi! ~Luxurious special plan~ (approx. 90 minutes) [2 people] 1 yen per person / [13,750 or more people] 3 yen per person (March to September), etc.
●Optional plan
・1 abalone 5,500 yen (March to September)
・1 spiny lobster 5,500 yen (October to April)
・Tekone sushi for 3 people from 2,750 yen (reservation required)
 *3 yen for each additional serving after 1 servings
*All prices include tax
*It is not possible to order only the optional plan.


Address2279 Koshiga, Shima-cho, Shima-shi, Mie Prefecture
Telephone inquiries (9:00-17:00 *Automatic response from 17:00 to 9:00 the next morning)
Opening hours11:00-20:30 *Last start at 19:00
(Reservation required until 17:00 the day before)
Closing daysNovember 2024, 12 - January 30, 2025
April 2025th - May 1th, 14
ParkingYes (free, parking available for 25 cars and large buses)

Ama Hut Hiba Hironohama: Enjoy local cuisine such as hand-kneaded sushi at an affordable price

Ama Hut Hiba
Ama Hut Hiba
Ama Hut Hiba

``Ama Hut Hiba/Hironohama'', which opened in January 2017, is an ama hut located in Wagu, Shima City that overlooks the ocean, and its landmark is an elegant wooden hut. ``Ama Hut Hiba Hironohama'' is run by ``Shima Nagisa Kikaku'', a group of former fishermen and volunteers from Shima City, with the desire to revitalize the region and spread the ama culture. The restaurant's name, ``Hibaba'', comes from one of the names given to Ama huts, and is a place where Ama divers rest and warm their bodies after fishing.
The history and tools of Ama fishing are on display inside the facility, and you can see the exhibits and try on Ama costumes, allowing you to experience Ama culture up close. The ingredients used are locally caught seafood, so you can enjoy freshly caught Shima seafood that is rarely available, and all the fresh seafood grilled by the staff is exquisite.
The Hironohama beach in front of the facility is a fishing ground for Ama divers, and depending on the time of day, you may be able to see Ama fishing ``kachido'' (a method of walking on land and then swimming before heading out to fish).

Recommended points/fees/access

Hironohama Gozen, a Hiba-yaki course reserved for 3 or more people, is a luxurious menu that includes turban shells, sea bream, two kinds of dried fish, hand-kneaded sushi, sea lettuce soup, pickles, etc. (Depending on the availability of ingredients, (Menu contents subject to change). It's a reasonably priced and hearty gozen meal, but ``Hironohama Gozen'' also has options with lobster, abalone, and both lobster and abalone.
The luxurious menu, which you can enjoy at an affordable price while listening to the fun stories of Ama divers, is sure to leave you feeling more satisfied than the price. We also provide rental services for barbecue sets (with charcoal), BBQ corner (4 set for 1 people. Additional charges apply for 4 or more people), and ingredients (can be prepared according to budget. Prior consultation required). You can also enjoy BBQ while looking at the scenery.
The Ama hut can be reserved for private use (up to 10 people for 4 hours. Additional charges apply for more than 10 people), and we also accept use for events and groups.

Ama Hut Hiba
Ama Hut Hiba

●"Hibayaki course"
・Hironohama Gozen [3 or more people] 1 yen per person
・1 spiny lobster 3,000 yen
・1 abalone 3,000 yen
・Tekone sushi option 500 yen etc.
●Barbecue rental
・1 BBQ set (1 set of charcoal included) 1,500 yen
・BBQ corner rental (4 set for 1 people) 4 hours 2,500 yen
 *If there are more than 4 people, an additional 1 yen per person (500 yen for children under elementary school age)
●Fire pit/house rental
・Up to 10 people 4 yen for 5,000 hours
 *If there are more than 10 people, 1 yen will be added for each person.

*Reservations must be made at least 2 days in advance. Price as of 2022/12/1


Address1641-1 Wagu, Shima-cho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture
Opening hours10: 00-22: 00 (reservation required)
Closing daysUnregular holidays
ParkingYes (free of charge)

Ama hut Hachimankamado: Ama hut in the ama town “Osatsu Town”

Hachiman Kamado
Ama Hut Hachiman Kamado
Ama Hut Hachiman Kamado

``Ama Hut Hachiman Kamado'' is an ama hut located in Osatsu-cho, Toba City, and Osatsu-cho is the town with the most ama divers in Japan. The facility is located near the fishing grounds along Matoya Bay, and in front of the hut you will be greeted by a panel showing the faces of Ama divers.
At ``Ama Hut Hachiman Kamado,'' you can sit around the fireplace and enjoy sea cuisine prepared by current and former ama divers. In 2004, the first ama hut in Japan was opened to the public, and we entertained foreign tourists, which led to us starting the ama hut experience service. Due to our track record of attracting tourists from Japan and abroad, revitalizing the region, and developing the ama brand, we received the Minister of Regional Revitalization Award at the 2017st Japan Service Awards in 1. We also offer free transportation from Toba Station via the Ama Bus, a shuttle bus designed with Ama divers (reservations required).
The official online shop (https://ama-store.stores.jp/) also sells Ama Hut course meals, so you can enjoy Ama Hut seafood at home.

Recommended points/fees/access

``Ama Hut Hachiman Kamado'' has a wide range of plans that include an ama hut experience, including a cheap snack plan that can be easily used by one person, ``Listening to Ama's Stories, Tea Time (Snack) Ama Hut Experience Course,'' and a hearty menu. We have a variety of plans to suit your budget and wishes, such as the standard plan ``Ama Hut Cooking Experience Course,'' where you can enjoy ama huts, and the ``Ama Hut Experience Like a Celebrity Course,'' where you can add spiny lobster or abalone to the regular menu.
The traditional Osatsu Ondo dance performed by the Ama divers and the stories they tell during meals are popular with foreign tourists as well. The "Ama diver transformation experience service" that is an option of the experience course is a service where you can cosplay as an ama diver.If you rent the equipment and take a photo at the seaside, you will feel like an ama diver♪
Osatsu Town, known as the town of Ama divers, is a recommended place for sightseeing, as there are ama-related souvenir shops near the Ama huts and Shinmei Shrine, where the Ama divers of Osatsu pray for a big catch.

Hachiman Kamado
Hachiman Kamado

●Experience course
・Listening to the stories of Ama divers Tea Time (snack) Ama hut experience course (50 minutes) Adults 2,800 yen / Children (3 to 12 years old elementary school students) 1,400 yen
・Ama hut cooking experience course (75 minutes) Adults 4,500 yen/Children (3 to 12 years old elementary school students) 2,500 yen
・Ama hut experience celebrity feeling course (75 minutes) 1 yen per person
・Special deluxe course (75 minutes) 1 yen per person, etc.


Address819 Osatsucho, Toba City, Mie Prefecture
Opening hours11: 45-21: 30 (reservation required)
Closing daysThursdays, August 8th to 13th, December 15th to January 12th
ParkingYes (20 passenger cars, 4 large buses)

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