Shima City Tourist Information Center Service Special Feature

The Shima City Tourist Information Center, which is directly connected to Ugata Station, provides information on Shima City's attractive sightseeing spots and events. We will be distributing tourist maps and selling souvenirs. We also offer luggage storage services to help make your trip more comfortable. In this special feature, we will introduce in detail the convenient services provided by tourist information centers.

Tourist information center that can also be used as a travel destination

The tourist information center, which is directly connected to the Kintetsu ticket gate floor of Ugata Station, distributes tourist information and guide pamphlets that are useful for sightseeing in Ise-Shima.

If you are going from outside, it is located on the Kintetsu ticket gate floor after going up the elevator at Kintetsu Ugata Station.
Shima City Tourist Information Center entrance (Kintetsu ticket gate floor)

Did you know that there is not only tourist information but also services such as luggage storage and computer use, as well as a corner selling souvenirs?
We will introduce useful information to know before your trip, as well as useful information from tourist information centers in the Shima area that are convenient for outings.

Have a comfortable trip! Services that make sightseeing easy

Leave your big luggage behind and travel light♪ "Baggage storage service"

The tourist information center has started a luggage storage service for suitcases and other items during travel from 2021. I arrived at Ugata Station, but the coin lockers were full and there were no vacancies...! You can feel safe even when this happens.
Leave your suitcases and other large luggage at the information center and enjoy your trip light!
We remain open throughout the year-end and New Year holidays.
As a general rule, luggage storage is only available on the same day, and the last time to pick up your luggage is 17:00 pm, so we recommend that you arrive with plenty of time to pick it up.

You can also make reservations for luggage storage in advance.If you wish to make a reservation, please contact the information desk by phone or email.

How to use

1. Fill out the application form at the tourist information center reception desk

2. Pay the fee

3. An exchange slip will be issued, so please keep it in a safe place until you receive it.

4. Exchange your luggage at the exchange office


Hours9:00-18:00 (last return reception 18:00) *As a general rule, storage is for the same day only
Prices・1 yen per piece of luggage
(Limited to items with a total length, width, and height of 160cm and a weight of 25kg or less)
・From Wednesday, March 2024, 3
300 yen [only for rental bicycle users]
Storage locationInside Shima City Tourist Information Center
RemarksWe do not store valuables.

Sightseeing empty-handed! "Baggage delivery service" directly to your accommodation

A new "baggage delivery service" started in April 2023. This is a convenient service for tourists staying in Shima.
Baggage will be delivered by courier from the tourist information center to hotels, inns, and other accommodations in Shima City.
Luggage left by 12:XNUMXpm will be delivered to your hotel in the evening. (Excluding remote islands)

You can leave it on the day without making a reservation in advance, so you can go sightseeing around Shima City empty-handed as soon as you arrive at the station!
You can enjoy sightseeing to the fullest since you won't have to leave your luggage at the hotel.
Also, we are open throughout the year-end and New Year holidays, so please take advantage of this for your New Year's trip.

How to use

1. Fill out the application form at the tourist information center reception desk

2. Pay the fee

3. Receive the luggage tag

4. Receive your luggage at each accommodation facility (your luggage will arrive after 17pm)


Hours9:00-12:30 Final reception *As a general rule, same-day storage only
Prices1 yen per piece of luggage
(Limited to items weighing less than 25kg)
Shipping methodTakkyubin (to each accommodation facility in Shima City)
RemarksWe do not store valuables.

Bicycle rental service for sightseeing in Shima city

All bicycles that can be rented through the bicycle rental service are electrically assisted bicycles!
Available in two colors: beige and gray, it looks cute, goes well with the idyllic scenery, and looks great in photos♪

Shima City, with its beautiful ria coastline and complex topography, has many scenic spots.
The exhilarating feeling you get on a cycling course along the coast is unique to cycling!
We also rent helmets, so you can enjoy a leisurely cycling trip with your family.

The Kintetsu Line also operates a ``Cycle Train,'' which allows you to ride your bicycle without folding it up, and you can also enjoy cycling by traveling to surrounding areas such as Ise by train.


Hours9:00-17:00 (last return reception 17:00) *Same-day rental/same-day return
Prices3-hour plan: 1,500 yen/unit 1-day plan: 2,500 yen/unit
*If canceled without notice on the day of use, 100% cancellation fee will be charged.
How to apply◆Until 16:XNUMX the day before
Reservation formApply here *We do not accept reservations over the phone.
◆After 16:XNUMX the previous day
Make a reservation by calling (0599-46-0570 [Shima City Tourist Information Center]) during business hours.
to cancel
つ い て
・If you do not hear from us after 1 hour from the start time, your reservation will be automatically canceled.
・If you cancel without contacting us on the day of use, a 100% cancellation fee will be charged.
Rental/return locationInside Shima City Tourist Information Center

Other useful services before going out

We have a wealth of tourist pamphlets for Ise, Toba, and Shima, including multilingual versions.

The tourist information center distributes various pamphlets covering not only the Shima area but also surrounding areas such as Ise and Toba.

In addition to popular tourist spots and leisure facilities, they are displayed by category, such as Ama divers, pearls, Kashiwajima, lighthouses, Yokoyama Observation Deck, Ago Bay, Ise-Shima National Park, activities, and shrines and temples.

The ama hut "Satoumi-an", Yokoyama Observation Deck walking course, observation deck walking map, goshuin stamp spots, and pamphlets around Izai Shrine are popular.
Of course, you can plan your next visit, or read about the culture and climate of Ise-Shima at your hotel.

In addition to English, we also have pamphlets with translated versions in Chinese, Korean, French, Italian, German, and Arabic.

Wi-Fi rental service for foreign visitors to Japan “NINJA WiFi®”

The tourist information center also accepts the pocket wifi rental service ``NINJA-wifi''. There are 3 cars available, and if there are spaces available, you can rent them on the same day.
When returning it, either bring it to the tourist information center or have Yamato Transport send it to the information center.
It can be used on any device with unlimited data and Wi-Fi reception, making it convenient to share with friends and family when traveling with multiple people.

Number of available units3
Prices1,100 yen/unit
*Payment method: Credit card only

"Computer usage corner" where you can quickly check before going out

The tourist information center has computers with internet access.
It is useful for checking local transportation timetables to your destination, checking surrounding information, and checking real-time information before going out.

The usage time is limited to 1 minutes per person.

Available time9:00~17:00
*Up to 1 minutes per person
Number of available units1

Free rental “Wheelchair rental service”

The Shima City Tourist Information Center provides a free wheelchair rental service.
Due to the limited number of vehicles available, we recommend contacting the tourist information center in advance.
Applications are generally accepted at the counter, but applications can also be accepted over the phone, so please check availability in advance.

Rental/return locationShima city tourist information center
Number of rental units2

When you want to contact someone in an emergency but don't have a battery...

"Emergency power supply" is also available for use in emergencies and disasters.

The Shima City Tourist Information Center has an emergency power source that can be used to plug in an AC outlet or a cable for charging smartphones in the event of a disaster or emergency.
A single device connects multiple cables and supplies power from gas cylinders without using electricity.

When you return home, remember the local specialties of Shima.

"Souvenir corner" including local specialties and pearl accessory gachas

The information center also has accessories and miscellaneous goods made from local Shima specialties and products.
Here are some recommended items.

Sales of “Shima Brand” certified products

Shima City certifies Shima City's excellent local resources as the "Shima Brand," including products produced, manufactured, and processed within Shima City, as well as products that have been passed down within the city.
The certified products are an assortment of masterpieces that not only meet the premise of being unique to Shima, but also meet criteria such as uniqueness, rarity, and reliability in production.
The tourist information center also carries a variety of Shima brand products made with local specialties.

Processed products using seafood from Shima are popular!

Gomoku Hijiki Cooked Hijiki

A rice base made with plenty of hijiki seaweed harvested from the local sea and steamed at high temperatures using the traditional Ise method.
One bag has 1 servings, which is plenty of volume! This is a dish where you can enjoy the blessings of nature by mixing domestically grown shiitake mushrooms, burdock, and carrots.

Aosa Ushio Yokan

A salted yokan made with plenty of Shima's specialty, Aosa Nori, sold by the confectionery shop Shimaya, a Western confectionery shop with roots in the local area and loved by the local community. This yokan is recommended for a wide range of generations, with the right amount of saltiness and sweetness, and the rich aroma of the ocean.

Smoked pearl scallops pickled in olive oil

A luxurious taste unique to Shima, the birthplace of pearls, made by soaking natural scallops from Akoya pearl oysters, which can only be harvested once a year, in Italian extra virgin oil. It is an excellent item that can be used as is with wine, or can be used for stir-frying with butter, pasta, fried rice, etc.

The mascot character “Shimako-san” is cute♪

Shimako doll

The ``Shimako-san'' doll has a cute, playful appearance with wide eyes and plump lips, and is a character you should definitely pick up.
This is Shima City's official character, created to promote Shima City's ama culture and tourism.
Shimako-san, who is covered in a large quantity of rice cakes, is a bit addictive.

Shimako-san Candy

A candy with ``Shimako-san'' drawn on a refreshing blue color reminiscent of the sea, and a bright red color.
The taste is peach flavor.

It looks cute and is perfect as a small souvenir for the workplace.

Garapon with local “Shima indigo” dyeing and pearl accessories!?

Shima Ai goods

Shima indigo goods are dyed with ``Shima Blue,'' a dye created from knotweed indigo grown at the farm ``Rays Farm'' in Ago-cho, Shima City. There are clothing items such as tenugui and handkerchiefs, as well as wall decorations (swag) that stand out in gentle shades of blue.

Akoya Pearl Garapon

At the tourist information center, there is a pearl Garapon, which is rare in Japan. It contains pearl accessories from a local pearl store and costs 1,000 yen each.
Unique to Shima, where pearl farming is flourishing! Simple and cute accessories made with genuine Akoya pearls. Please try it to make memories of your trip.

Access to Shima City Tourist Information Center

The Shima City Tourist Information Center offers a wide variety of services, from convenient travel services such as luggage storage to useful information such as the sale of souvenirs that can only be found here.
If you are visiting by car, you can also use the "Ugata Station Public Parking Lot" located at the rotary at the front entrance of Kintetsu "Ugata" Station.
This parking lot is free for 1 hour.

It's not just a tourist information spot, it's a spot where you can enjoy your trip to Ise-Shima to the fullest, so be sure to stop by before or after your trip.


Address517-0501 Ugata, Ago-cho, Shima-shi, Mie 1670-2 (Kintetsu Ugata Station ticket gate floor)
Opening hours9:00~17:00
Holidayopen every day of the year
ParkingYes (Use the "Ugata Station Public Parking Lot" in front of Ugata Station)
*Free for the first hour, 1 yen for every 30 minutes thereafter.


Enjoy Shima