Remote island camping & sauna, private campsite

What to do at a reserved campsite? do nothing

We offer activities at the remote island camp and sauna. You can fully enjoy the rich nature in a completely private system limited to one group per day. Enjoy a fulfilling day while experiencing the scenic beauty of Japan through cruising, day camping, ocean saunas, BBQ, and more. Recommended for those who value privacy.

``What to do at a reserved campsite?'' Do nothing? ”
Camping and sauna limited to one group per day in Ise-Shima National Park
A pearl fisherman's hut abandoned for 30 years becomes a campsite
Camping accommodation from 17000 yen
Day camp 10000 yen~
Private cruise starting from 5000 yen
All prices are for 4 people

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    517-0502 Agocho Shinmei, Shima, Mie 713-11
    Opening hours
    Day camp 10,000 yen, remote island camp 17,000 yen, XNUMX set for XNUMX people
    Time taken
    Day camp 7 hours, remote island camp 19 hours
    Reservation link
    Closing days
    Unregular holidays
    Available / Accommodates 5 spaces free of charge
    Public transportation: Approximately 15 minutes walk from "Kashijima Station"
    By car: Ise Expressway: Approximately 40 minutes from Ise IC
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